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Facilitation is designed to open the doors to change, to make it easier to accomplish various endeavours and tasks. In the method of facilitation, emphasis is put on the fact that every individual and every community is the foremost authority on its own development. The task of the Facilitator then is to aid the individual as well as the community in finding novel perspectives, new ways of about the business of everyday life. In the company of others, common challenges would be pursued and brought to light in the secure atmosphere created by the facilitator.

Professional counselling and guidance 

Professional counselling and guidance 

Finding a suitable manner of activity for everyone would be a central issue, each person constituting an essential part of an organization of experts. On the basis of your own behavior and thought structure and a model for your mode of action, you will find it easier to promote your own development as well as that of your organization.

It is of prime importance for success in your work and for continued endurance, that you discover your own strengths, and that you recognize your valuable significance in your profession as well as in your private life.

All of us keep longing for being heard and understood, in childhood, as adults, in marriage, as well as at work. Despite the fact that at this point in time, your thoughts, your emotions, and your actions possibly lack in functionality, they are still the best ones you can muster right now.
From time to time, your thoughts constitute a trap. How could you split your indisposition into manageable pieces? How could you acquire balance in your life?
You must not stay alone! Together, let's go about untying knots an finding novel thought patterns for your day-to-day life.

Anne Hänninen
MBA, Facilitator (CPF) & Coach, Cognitive Psychotherapy

Phone: +358 50 341 6342
E-mail: anne.hanninen@facilitator.fi




Facilitator is acting as business angel, investing in growth companies and turnaround cases. 
We are also participating in private equity investments though PE Funds.
If you have an interesting case please contact us.

Markku Hänninen
Mentor, M.Sc.Eng
Chairman of the Board

Phone: +358 40 5855 239
E-mail: markku.hanninen@facilitator.fi

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